Asset Own & Operate

BT ENERGY provides a holistic approach to developing power and sustainable solutions.

This approach extends to Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Build Own Operate (BOO) or Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) client relationships.

As a developer, designer, owner and operator we align technology with advanced environmentally independent generation, resulting in operational excellence.

We offer a boutique generation business, focusing on ownership and operational mix of modern and efficient oil, biomass and gas-fired power stations, with the capacity to generate electricity/steam and process requirements.

BT Energy’s Asset ownership structure provides strategic “Value Adding” to Clients who’s core capabilities do not lie in power generation, nor do they want it too!

We will evaluate & develop opportunities for powering requirements, finance, schedule and then deliver controlled project implementation, through Engineering, Construction, Completions, Commissioning and O&M phases, delivering commercial arrangement to sell back to the client.

The project is energised, the client maintains focus on its capabilities and BT Energy concentrates on the powering requirements.