BT Energy Battery Storage System

Official launch of the East Village development at Knutsford, Fremantle, Western Australia


Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Systems

Harness the power of renewable energy by delivering up to 50% savings on residential and commercial energy bills


Renewable Energy Specialists

Solar - Hybrid - Battery Energy Storage Systems - Micro Grid - Heat to Energy


Operations & Maintenance Services

BT Energy have the technical skills and expertise to deliver ongoing OMS for energy solutions of any size.


Utility Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Ancillary Services - Frequency Control - Stabilisation - Peak Shaving - Load Shifting - Demand Response - Backup Power - Grid Spinning Reserve / Displacement Traditional Generation


Professional Energy Services

From EPC, to Operations & Maintenance, to Peer-to-Peer Renewable Trading Integration, and everything in-between, BT Energy is your Renewable Energy Specialist.


About BT Energy

BT ENERGY is a specialist energy service provider in the power generation sector, with a project capability from simple open cycle power plants to the most complex Tri generation solutions,  on an international scale across all industries.

Our focus is to always ensure we deliver the  best fit solution utilising state of the art proven technical solutions, with our strategic ambition to reduce the consumption of fuel and emissions, whilst delivering a highly reliable and competitive service.

Our technology capability includes:

  • Renewable
    • Solar
    • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
    • Micro Grid
    • Hybrid
    • Heat to Energy
    • Hydrogen & emerging technologies
  • Fossil Fuel
    • Gas/Diesel package
    • Gas turbine (OCGT/CCGT)

Our services

  • Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • Concept evaluation
  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Project delivery models
  • Project system integration
  • Asset optimisation & ownership
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Peer-to-peer renewable trading integration

These capabilities go beyond green field projects to include the development of process improvement strategies for existing operational assets.

These strategies are focused on the overall reduction in the OPEX costs whilst maintaining the reliability and integrity of the business performance.

Additionally, BT Energy has the capability to develop utility scale renewable energy projects using waste heat to energy technologies such as the proven Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) process.

Latest News

Heat to energy technology

BT Energy offers Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology as an advanced heat recovery system.

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Testing & Commissioning Services (HV,SCADA)

We have the technical expertise and capability to provide optimal value and long-term support in the provision of testing and commissioning of HV installations.

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Engineering Procurement & Construction Management

The key to successful business outcomes is considering each element of the process with equal importance.

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Gas Turbine Overhaul and Inspection Service

BT Energy offers comprehensive service and support to gas turbine and cogeneration owners and operators.

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Project Development

BT Energy’s in-house team will work with our customers through the project development phase, be it either as an equity participant or a service provider.

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Project Recovery Strategies

Invariably things go wrong on projects and sometimes all it takes id a fresh set of experienced eyes to carry out a quick analysis of the current situation.

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Project Execution Service

BT Energy offers a clear and definitive structure and plan to ensure your project achieves it’s goals.

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Operations & Maintenance

Activities related to the performance of routine, preventive, predictive, scheduled, and unscheduled actions aimed at preventing equipment failure or decline with the goal of increasing efficiency, reliability, and safety.

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Asset Ownership

BT Energy provides a holistic approach to developing power and sustainable solutions.


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